Characteristics of sludge treatment machine

Date: 2015/5/18
The features that enable a belt filter press to achieve substantially higher
production rates and produce high cake solids at discharge are:
 The use of the high rate drainage plow technology in the gravity zone
 A wedge section with an adjustable angle of conversion of the belts
 A large initial drum in the pressure/shear zone
 An extended length pressure/shear zone
 A choice of 2 belt or 3 belt dewatering systems
 A design that allows the 3 belt design to be a combination thickener or dewatering system
 A variable orifice polymer/sludge mixing valve to optimize polymer conditioning
 Larger standard filtration areas for greater process throughput and higher cake consistency
 A patented high rate drainage system that dramatically improves filtration rates
 An easily adjustable, variable wedge compression zone that maximizes process rate and performance
 A high performance, larger to smaller drum pressure profile for higher cake solids concentration
 High quality structural frame materials and components for trouble-free, long lasting operation
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