Export India( Coconut Chaff Dewater..

Date: 2016/12/7
  Indian customers to visit Meibang Coconut Chaff Dewatering Equipment in October!   Today formally signed two 2-meter-wide heavy-duty roller press! .. more

Export Indonesia£¨Cassava Residue D..

Date: 2016/12/6
  Export Indonesia for Heavy Roller Press!   Used for Cassava Residue Dewatering!   The container finish smoothly!   .. more

Export coconut chaff dewatering to ..

Date: 2016/7/20
2016.7.20 Smith barney bandwidth 1.5 meters heavy three groups of roller press loading, exported to Sri Lanka, used in coconut chaff substrate dewatering. Hotline: 13926.. more

Quarry waste mud treatment

Date: 2016/5/26
  MeiBang¡¯s bandwidth of 1.5 m sludge dewatering machine use effect in Huaihua quarry, quarry waste mud treatment.   Hotline: 13926239380 Miss Yang .. more

Phosphate tail mud dewatering effec..

Date: 2016/5/19
  Kunming, Yunnan. Phosphate tail mud dewatering effect with three meters fission equipment, into the mud, mud cake + water out, water reuse, cake is taken to be fired bri.. more

Plant residue strong squeeze dewate..

Date: 2016/5/19
2016-5-18 MeiBang Environmental Co., LTD sent to Fujian 1m bandwidth and five groups of rollers dewatering equipment, professional force for dewatering plant residue.   .. more

The traditional Chinese medicine dr..

Date: 2016/5/19
  2016.5.18 We receive the traditional Chinese medicine dregs of an Energy Company in Hubei, to do the dregs dewatering test. After the dregs are dewatered by the three gr.. more
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