The traditional Chinese medicine dr..

Date: 2016/5/19
  2016.5.18 We receive the traditional Chinese medicine dregs of an Energy Company in Hubei, to do the dregs dewatering test. After the dregs are dewatered by the three gr.. more

Heavy duty roller press

Date: 2016/5/18
  2016.5.17 MeiBang sent the bandwidth of the 1.5 m heavy of roller press to Guizhou Biological Group, used in the plant residue dewatering, drying made from biomass fuels.. more

Export to Indonesia

Date: 2016/5/4
2016.5.4 MeiBang exports to Indonesia 2 sets of 1.5 m heavy extension of roller press again, solve cassava residue dewatering problem, MeiBang's heavy duty roller press is China's.. more

Coconut chaff press dewatering

Date: 2016/4/27
  Indonesian coconut shell charcoal manufacturer professional manager Yang brought material to MeiBang, doing experiments to deal with stacked in Indonesia for more th.. more

Indonesia cassava residue dewaterin..

Date: 2016/4/20
2016.4.20 MeiBang new 1.5 meters of three groups of roller press machine, the container sent to Indonesia for cassava residue dewatering!MeiBang filter press is confidential sho.. more

The delivery of traditional Chinese..

Date: 2016/4/13
2016.4.13 MeiBang environmental sent 2 sets of press with three groups of heavy roller to JiangXi HuiRen Pharmaceutical Group, used for the Chinese medicine .. more

New breakthroughs

Date: 2016/4/11
  MeiBang again break through the industry's first high temperature of 90 degrees of alumina dehydration experiment is successful, MeiBang environmental protection is .. more
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